golf on the hill

Golf on the Hill CONTESTS


Purchase ALL on course contests for one low price- $50.00.

Save $30.00.

  • World Famous "Beat the Nun". ​Hole #8. Tee off against Sister Cindy to see if you can out drive her.

  • HOLE IN ONE- $5,000 CASH Prize. Hole #17. Get a hole in one and win $5,000 CASH! 

  • Putting Contest before golf.

  • Closest to the Line. Hole #5. Tee off and try to get your ball down the middle of the fairway and closest to the line.        

  • Closest to the Pin. Men & Women. Hole #11.  Try and get your ball closest to the pin. 

  • Longest Drive. Men & Women. Hole #18. Out drive the other players on hole #18. 

  • Marshmallow Golf. #7.

  • Bags Game. Hole #14.

Other Contests (not part of the ALL INCLUSIVE TICKET).

  • Heads or Tails outside after golf at lunch.  You choose "heads" by putting your hands on your head, or "tails" by putting your hands on your bottom. We flip a coin, if it's heads and you picked heads, you are still in. If you picked tails, you are out.  The coin gets flipped until we have one winner.

  • 50/50 Split the Pot

  • Raffle